Saturday, 15 October 2011

Break Time!

Just to say that there will be a short break from lessons whilst we at Blackboards in Porn Towers stop looking at pornography for long enough to move to bigger premises. In the meantime, please do browse the archives.

Thank you to everyone for your comments and for sending in so many great images of blackboards in porn. We have been deluged with a shedload* of pornography, but hope to get through the backlog and posting reports again soon. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

(* The SI unit of pornography)


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  2. Why would you take a break? You only have nine posts in the past two years, including this one.. Sorry, don't mean to sound like a douche :\ I just really like the premise of the blog and am disappointed that you aren't going to be updating it anytime soon.

  3. ba22edf0-f7bf-11e0-bd33-000bcdcb2996 - Or can I just call you ba22edf0? I'm really pleased that you like the blog. It's something I was doing merely for my own amusement. I literally didn't promote it anywhere - I just let one or two people a day find it, mostly by Googling for trigonometry equations. Then suddenly it got quite popular, getting over a million page loads in the last week (advertisers please take note), hence the recent new posts. Unfortunately, I'm moving house in a few days and have less time for looking at pornography than I'd like. But rest assured that as soon as my new broadband connection is up I will be hard at it.

  4. I think your blog became so popular because it was mentioned on Pharyngula.

  5. It's so refreshing to be able to read interesting comments on such an esoteric aspect of porn. I often get bored and analyse the soft furnishings, room decor and hairstyles. This blog has made watching porn fun again. Thank you.

  6. >have less time for looking at pornography than I'd like.

    Don't we all?

  7. hahaha great blog, awesome concept.

  8. "to move to bigger penises"

    It's how we all read it.

  9. What? I just started following the blog and now you are stopping? Booooo!