Thursday 9 September 2010



- math

1 + 1 = 2


Mathematics - university/nursery school level.

This is clearly an extremely advanced level mathematical course, focusing on the Peano axioms for the natural numbers which formalised mathematics in the late 19th century. This course would culminate with Gödel's second incompleteness theorem which shows that the consitency of the Peano axioms cannot be formalised within Peano arithmetic itself.

Alternatively, it could be that the pupil, even at her advanced age, hasn't grasped that 1 + 1 = 2, and that all the after school one-to-one lessons in the world aren't going to work. Indeed, she probably won't even understand what 'one-to-one' means.

8/10 - loses two marks for 'math'.


  1. The two alternatives are actually the same. Deep down, the two are one.

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  2. Technically, "math" can be correct if the picture has been taken in the US, which is quite likely.

  3. Of course she knows what "one to one" means, it means passing math class!

  4. Anthony - No. Only 'maths' is correct. Americans are wrong.

  5. No, "math" is correct. Deal with it.

  6. Dave - Let's go out on the pavement/sidewalk and settle this once and for all.

  7. Actually the 1* is actually a US Army term 1 Ass to risk.

  8. It's perfectly obvious that this is the USA, so why do they lose marks for 'math'? That is the correct word in American English.

    You, sir, lose marks for your foolish mis-correction!

  9. I highly doubt this is from the United States... notice there's a map of the world on the wall.

  10. Look, if y'all can say 'aluminium', then we can say 'math'.

  11. My dear virgomonkey, this is humour! (Note the 'u'). Also, mathematics is the collective noun for various mathematical sciences. It's supposed to be plural, hence we keep the 's' when we abbreviate it. Also, driving on the left is cool. All the cool kids are doing it. Driving on the left and smoking. Yeah. We're cool.

  12. Dear BiP et al,

    Congratulations on a blog well executed.

    After witnessing the "Formulae" precedent in post #1 (if memory serves), in which BiP's distinguished style guide distinguished between the scientific and "everyday" use of the word, I think it's only reasonable that we make a similarly distinguished distinction in this (delightfully distinct) matter.

    As claimed in the English language's oldest, most authoritative grammatical codex (, "Math" is entirely appropriate in an American context. Furthermore, a case is made that even the (admittedly plural) unabbreviated form "mathematics" is considered singular from a grammatical perspective, for example in the sentence "Mathematics is of no use when it comes to exorcism" or "Even more than force-vomiting or self mutilation, what Valerie really enjoyed partaking in on moist afternoons is Mathematics".

    I hope this helps settle the issue.

  13. Kudos for the down-mark for "math". Really, really annoys me when I have to include "math" in my Delphi source code! Bloody yanks.

    I also have to laugh at the yanks on here who are taking our mocking of 'math' seriously. We're poking fun. If you develop a sense of humour then you can join in.

  14. MATHS

  15. Hilarious, I love the sense of humor of this blog

  16. Definitely university level, haven't you noticed the lattice diagram below the equation?

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